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The "Environmental Policy" describes overall environmental objectives and operational principles of our organization, including the obligation to comply with all relevant environmental legislation which will be further developed and modified in the continuous improvement process. It is the frame for setting and reviewing environmental objectives and targets.


Within the scope of our entrepreneurial commitment at SED Flow Control GmbH in Bad Rappenau, we act on the basis of the sustainability principle; we consider ecological, economic and social concerns in our decisions and processes equally.

As a company, we attach great importance to sustainability in the development, production and shipping of our products. Our departments work closely together. Optimization processes can therefore be implemented more efficiently and faster. We ensure compliance with the guidelines and regulations according to DIN ISO 50001 (energy management) and DIN ISO 14001 (environmental management).

Ecological sustainability
As a company it is our duty to protect the environment. We fulfil this duty in all our areas. By consciously using natural resources, we reduce emissions and avoid waste.

Current production processes are regularly reviewed in order to look for environmentally friendly and energy-saving improvement possibilities.

In production, we aim to reduce the consumption of energy and raw materials to a minimum. Therefore, we pay attention to optimal geometry when milling our multiport valves, we use rectangular blocks instead of square blocks.

Waste management
Waste in production is hardly avoidable, so we try to recycle as much as possible. This is done both by internal processing within the company and by external partners who support us in our efforts.

In recent years we have expanded the recycling area by adding additional containers. In total we have 11 different containers, including two containers for wood and one container for steel scrap. In addition, we separate injection-moulded plastic pipes according to type and feed them into the plastics recycling process. For improved "sorted" recycling of stainless steel, we distinguish between five types of different materials.

We are constantly trying to improve this area.

Energy Management and Work Protection
Our production is equipped with two exhaust systems which filter out solids and fine dusts from the CNC machine and grinding shop environment. This allows us to release the air into the environment without any concerns during the summer months. In winter we operate the systems in recirculation mode, which allows us to recover the heat of the production. This reduces energy consumption and saves heating costs.

Furthermore, we have established three new compressors, which now produce performance-related compressed air for the entire production area. This also enables us to reduce energy consumption.

All machines and devices of our company have a CE-marking. This confirms the conformity of a product with the essential requirements of European directives. The safety of our employees is guaranteed by the CE marking of the machines.

When buying machines, we take care that these are standard products and not custom-made to save material, energy and effort. Newly purchased machines are always chosen so that they are more economical and use less energy than the old machines.

For machine cooling we use a closed cooling water cycle. This water is subject to strict controls and is treated.


Our products help to safe resources and protect the environment in many specific applications.

For example:

  • in water treatment
  • the canalization of gaseous and liquid media
  • Support of energy and water-saving solutions for the extraction of raw materials 
  • reliable support of processes for the protection of man and environment

To achieve more efficient results, the development and production departments work closely together. Our ambition is to develop innovative products that save and process resources in a sustainable way. One example are multiport valves. These are compact and at the same time space-saving. The optimization of weight results in energy savings. Due to the weight optimization, less material must be heated and sterilized, this is particularly useful in the pharmaceutical industry. It reduces consumption and the total cost of ownership (TCO).

Another example is our stainless steel piston actuator Type 417 Steripur. In comparison to the Type 407, we have reduced its mass and operating weight, to optimize transport, performance and heat capacity.

In general, our products are long lasting designed.

Economic sustainability
We are not only focused at our company, for example we do local sourcing to support local suppliers. This reduces transport distances to a minimum. We also pay attention to sustainability in shipping. Our packages are matched to the valves, which reduces the consumption of filling material as well as transport volume and storage space. At the same time, we focus on collective deliveries. In addition, we pay attention to the economically and ecologically most sensible transport route.

Social sustainability
We are constantly striving to launch a lot of projects for the protection of our employees, occupational safety, health management and further training.

For this reason, we have a training software in which the skills of each employee are listed. This software enables the precise deployment of employees according to their qualifications, which saves resources on the one hand and ensures safety at work on the other.

As our company has grown, so have our employees to whom we offer numerous opportunities. Training and further education are promoted by the company and are also demanded of each individual employee through continuous learning. Active promotion of junior staff and targeted individual personnel development ensure permanent advancement of the company and its employees.