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A clear objective and a team with expertise and passion determine the successful way SED is going.  Our claim is high flexibility and to provide the best products reliably and as requested to our customers. Responsibility for the identification of what I do, like I do it for myself, is what we aspire and promote. Accordingly, our organization has grown and shaped mentality of many years of experience. This means that the products and processes are scrutinized to the finest detail and will be constantly adjusted to the newest knowledge and expertise.

We build on in the future on the success and steady growth in recent years mainly due to the valve technology for sterile and aseptic applications. Accordingly, this market will be focused and direct contact with our customers, end-user, engineering, sub-contractor and OEM has a priority. 
We search the challenges that arise from it and put these organizational, logistical and product related into profitable solutions for our customers and ultimately our product innovation, goal-oriented.