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T-valves are used to take or feed media almost deadleg free. The valve bodies are ideally vertically welded in a ring main, or euipped with different ports and welded in a pipeline. The application can include any type of conveyance of liquids and is mainly used in life science markets such as pharmaceutical, biotech, cosmetic, food and other industries. In addition to the T-Valves which are made from solid material, SED also has a number of investment cast T-valves. Through regular monitoring and testing the quality of the valve body is steadily improving. Through the use of investment cast T-valves from significant savings can be achieved.


The Advantages at a Glance

  • Customer’s specific design
  • Compact design and smaller envelope dimension is achievable with the Steripur Series actuators
  • Combination of many different nominal diameters
  • Optimized drainability
  • Minimized dead leg
  • Reduces surface contact, hold up volume and cross contamination of the product
  • Reduction of fittings, tubing and field welds in the system
  • Reduces qualification and validation documentation requirements
  • All end connections and materials are available according to the customer’s specification