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Tank Valves

The SED Tank Bottom Valve is designed for applications in the aseptic process industry offering a pocket-free interior surface, minimized sump, eliminating entrapment areas and minimizing flow resistance thus reducing the potential for process contamination. The SED tank bottom valve incorporates the same features and performance of a standard diaphragm valve utilizing the same valve components for a flush mounted tank bottom valve or side mounted tank and sample valve.

It is preferred to weld in the tank valve directly in the vessel. Mounting the valve directly to the tank minimizes the hold up volume, the most important criteria for this application. If removal of the tank valve from the tank is required, versions are offered with flange or clamp connections. Please consult an SED technical representative for these options. Tank bottom valves are typically used for tank discharge, draining, sampling, cleaning and/or sterilizing, rinsing and isolation of down stream processing. The outlet port of the tank valve is available with all butt weld tube end standards, aseptic clamp, screw connection or other special ends. The size range available is the same as the two-way valve.



  • Tank body machined from a solid bar stock material
  • Material 1.4435/316L ASME BPE
  • Other alloy options available as specified
  • Minimized dead leg and internal sump
  • Suitable for mounting with SED Steripur Series and KMA Series Actuation
  • Optional manual operation via an extended crankshaft stem