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Type 700 / 701 / 750 / 751

Flowmeter Easyflow according to the variabel area principle
Type 700/750 for liquids
Type 701/751 for gases

The Easyflow series are flowmeters suitable for the measurement and control oftransparent or translucent liquids and gases. They may be fitted with socket orbutt weld ends in different materials or flanges for inline or panel mounting.They operate on the variable area principle, where a float effectively suspended inupward flowing media in a tapered plastic flow tube. The vertical axial position ofthe float within the float tube depends on the flowrate of the media. The plasticflow tube is graduated in suitable flow units, normally with a 10:1 flow range. Thereading is taken corresponding with the largest diametric edge of the float.The Easyflow is a comprehensive range of flowmeters suitable for different flowrates, diameters and tube length.


  • Wide choice of measuring scales
  • Wide choice of end connections
  • Eight different diameters
  • Five different tube length
  • Different plastic tube materials
  • Different floater materials
  • Interchangeable tube lengths
  • Environmentally compatible
  • High flexibility and fast delivery also for special scales and other customized solutions
  • Radial exchangeable in existing piping systems