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Type 785

Flowmeter according to the variabel area principle for liquids

Technical data

Temperature Range:
tube material: trogamid = 60 °C
tube material: polysulfon = 60 °C
end connections: uPVC = 100 °C
end connections: malleable iron = 100 °C
end connections: stainless steel = 100 °C

O-Ring Seals:

Float Material:
stainless steel, stainless steel with magnet

Accuracy Class:
2,5 according to VDE/VDI 3513 sheet 2 e.g. +/- 0,625 % of end-scale, +/- 1,875 % of measured value, inaccuracy in l/hr resp. m³/hr.

Maximum Pressure:
trogamid with PVC end connections: 10 bar
polysulfon with metal and connections: 16 bar

Standard Scales:
l/hr and m³/hr based on water at 20 °C or scale. Special scales available on request

Limit Switches (K) and Transmitter (FG):
Limit switches or a continuous transmitter may be fitted to the flowmeter tube. When these accessories are used, a magnetic floater must also be used Installation Details: Controlled system: when the flowmeter is used in a system with valve control the following criteria must be observed:

- with liquid flows the valve can be fitted before or after the flowmeter
- with gases, the valve must be fitted after the flowmeter